Main Parts Of Milling Machine

Milling machine is a machine tool used to form workpieces by cutting the material using cutting tools. The cutting of workpieces on a milling machine is carried out by a milling cutter. Unlike most cutting tools used in general tooling machines, such as a lathe or a shearing machine, which only has a single cutting edge, the milling knife has many cutting edges. There are several types of milling machines, including horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, and universal milling machines. The part that is often found to be problematic is ball screw and ball screw repair is needed so that the machine can function normally again website.

On a milling machine, a milling blade is mounted on an arbor that has a horizontal or vertical axis. A milling blade mounted on a horizontal arbor is usually placed in the center of the arbor, where one end of the arbor is mounted on the engine spindle so that the arbor and milling blade can rotate with the engine spindle.

Meanwhile, the workpiece to be worked with a milling machine is clamped using the workpiece clamping equipment, such as clamp clamps or vise mounted on the machine table.

Cutting movements on the milling machine consist of:
– The main movement of the milling blade in the form of a circular motion
– Feeding movements of workpieces in the form of straight movements

Main Parts of the Milling Machine and its Functions
The main parts of the milling machine consist of columns: spindles, arms, arrows, tables, saddles, knees, and the base of the machine.

1. Column
The engine column or body is the support or seat for machine parts such as arms, spindles, knees, levers, and houses the transmission gears, drive motors and pulleys.

2. Spindle
The spindle is the main shaft of the machine that functions to rotate the arbor along with the milling blade.

3. Arbor
Arbor is the seat of a milling knife. The arbor is mounted on the engine spindle so that if the spindle rotates, the arbor will also spin. On a horizontal milling machine, the arbor has a round rod shape along which the body has a keyway.

This type of arbor is equipped with several rings (spacers) which serve to clamp the milling blade (cutting tool) so that the milling blade does not shift from its position. In its use, the arbor is supported by the arbor support.

4. Arm (Over Arm)
The arm on a horizontal milling machine has the function of supporting the arbor. This arm is placed at the top of the column or machine body. The underside of this arm has a dove tail-shaped groove that matches the shape of the dovetail in the engine column and the arbor bracket.